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President's Message

Stacy R. Horth-Neubert
WLALA President 2016-2017



When I was in high school, I took a sociology class with one of the most popular (male) teachers at my excellent public high school.  One study unit that year was dedicated to the proper roles of men and women, at home and in the workplace.  Even though this was the late 1980s, not the late 1950s, you would not have been able to tell from the content of the lessons.  I remember a particular worksheet we had to fill out, circling whether the listed household task would be better done by the man or the woman of the house, or both.  Since I was being raised by a single mother, in my house, all tasks were done by her, me and my little brother.  When I circled "both" on all but one chore on the list (I think I chose "woman" for the chore of sewing on a button, because my brother didn't know how to sew yet), I literally got called to task by the teacher to defend my choices to the whole class.  After hearing from me, the teacher explained that my answers were anomalous because of my "unusual" personal household situation -- being raised by a single mother. 

This was messed up on so many levels.  But, I credit that class being one step on my path to feminism.  Nonetheless, it was not an experience I would ever wish on anyone. 

That is why my blood boiled when I read the story of an elementary school girl whose homework assignment was to fill in the adverbs in a story about the awful day the child narrator's mother returned to work after giving birth to her second child.




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