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APRIL 2014 - Cynthia Cohen
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WLALA Golf League or WLALA SCGA Golf Club – Which is It? What’s up?

by Cynthia R. Cohen, Ph.D., Verdict Success LLC


You’ve seen pictures in the newsletter. You’ve seen flyers in the email blasts. You’ve seen the WLALA website calendar. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the WLALA Golf League and the SCGA WLALA Golf Club? Here is a brief explanation to clarify and decide where you might join us.


WLALA Golf League. WLALA Golf League is a series once a month where we play golf and have an option for lessons with golf pros at The Lakes. The Lakes is a 9-hole executive course. Networking continues on the 19th hole over drinks, appetizers, and contest prizes. Online registration occurs prior to the series and includes all five months (unless a shorter summer series is offered). WLALA Golf League evolved from the Dec. 2012 seminar, “Get into the Swing: Business Development through Golf.” The WLALA Golf League is in its 4th series and this series concludes in July. Beginners comprise 75% of the league and the other 25% are intermediates or team captains that lead the foursomes in a scramble format. (A scramble is team play where each foursome chooses the best shot to continue toward the green.) The series sells out every season. Next series runs August through December.


SCGA Advocating Women Lawyers Golf Club (a.k.a. SCGA WLALA Golf Club). The SCGA Advocating Women Lawyers Golf Club is organized through WLALA. We are licensed through the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) to record handicaps. We golf monthly at courses and tournaments throughout Los Angeles County, playing either 9 or 18 holes. Our founding members are veterans of the WLALA Golf League. This club gives more opportunity for advanced beginners and intermediates to play more golf. True beginners start with the WLALA Golf League to learn ready golf. We are actively seeking new members to join us. You do not need to be a member of the WLALA Golf League to be an SCGA WLALA Club member.


SCGA WLALA Handicap Chair.  We have a national Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) license since Arlene Turinchak, our Handicap Chair, passed the certification test. You can transfer from any club in the country to the SCGA WLALA Club. Here are some words from our Handicap Chair.


“On March 11th Cynthia Cohen and I attended the Handicap certification class given by the SCGA. Although there was a little too much math for this lawyer, we learned a few interesting things that help us all embrace the handicapping system. Once you have five scores in the system you will automatically be given a handicap. The maximum handicap for women is 40.4. 


Your handicap then determines your maximum score on each hole on a USGA rated golf course. This is known as Equitable Score Control and its purpose is to reduce high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. For example, generally if you have a 40.4 handicap your maximum score on any hole is a 10. If your handicap falls between 30 and 39 your maximum score on any hole is a 9, and so on.  This means when you input your score into the SCGA computer system you use the maximum score per hole, even if your actual score was higher.  So if you have a 10 maximum and you scored an 11 on a hole, you would input the score for that hole as a 10.  (Of course, you might still want to keep track of your real score so that you can see your game improve!) This guarantees that we are not “penalized” with an extraordinarily high handicap by one bad hole. 


If you are playing with WLALA at the Lakes in El Segundo your score won’t count for your handicap, it’s not an SCGA rated course. But playing 9 or 18 holes at any of our SCGA WLALA Club events (except scramble tournaments) will give you a recordable score. So let’s get out and play some golf!”


Upcoming SCGA WLALA Events. Our SCGA WLALA Club upcoming events are individual one-time events. That is, you register for each event separately and not as a series of events. There will be online registration for our events at (If you are interested in playing on a WLALA team for the LACBF Tournament or the BHBF Tournament, email  








Roosevelt / Griffith Park




Harding / Griffith Park




LACBF Tournament / Valencia




Rancho Park / W LA




Harbor Park / Wilmington




Penmar / Venice




Wilson / Griffith Park




BHBF Tournament / Braemar





SCGA WLALA Membership. A $50 annual membership includes SCGA benefits for courses throughout Southern California. Annual SCGA Club membership runs on a calendar year, January through December. You may come as a guest twice to play with our group before deciding to join the SCGA. If you are interested in joining our club, or golfing with us as a guest, please email me at

For the SCGA Membership Application, CLICK HERE.


WLALA Member Cynthia Cohen specializes in jury research, trial strategies, and settlement decision-making at Verdict Success. Dr. Cohen can be reached at 310-545-7914 or

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