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Raised: $3,000

Goal: $10,000

$100 for 100th Donors: Michelle Ahnn, Ashley Baldassi, Tricia Cross, Rita DeBoer, Tanya Forsheit, Katherine Forster, Holly Fujie, Anne Grignon, Ruth Kahn, Roxanna Kaz, Kelly Kriebs, Jessica Kronstadt, Jennifer Altfeld Landau, Jennifer Leland, Kathleen McDowell, Bonita Moore, Cynthia Organ, Cathy Ostiller, Amy Proctor, Jennifer Romano, Selma Smith, Susan Steinhauser, Heather Stern, Diana Wheatley, Sungina Vachhani, Susan Yu

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FAIR and CELA present 8th Annual Diversity Leadership Summit

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2019 WLALApalooza Silent Auction Fundraiser
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22  JUN 
WLALA SCGA Golf Club: Simi Valley Golf Course
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How to Start a Law Practice
WLALA Westside Career Mentoring Circle

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WLALA's 100th Anniversary Installation and Awards Dinner, Save the Date!

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President's Message

I have tremendous pride in WLALA and its good work as a bar, a network, and a community. I am especially proud of WLALA’s Pro Choice and Reproductive Rights committee and the excellent programming it has offered year after year. 

Living and practicing in California, it can feel like a woman’s right to choose is an established right that can be taken for granted. After all, Roe v. Wade was a 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision – over 45 years ago – and a woman’s right to choose was recognized in California even before that. See People v. Belous (1969) 71 Cal.2d 954, 963 (“The fundamental right of the woman to choose whether to bear children follows from the Supreme Court's and this court's repeated acknowledgment of a ‘right of privacy’ or ‘liberty’ in matters related to marriage, family, and sex.”).  
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