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NOVEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER - Top 20 Under 40
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Daily Journal's Top 20 Under 40 and Five Associates to Watch Nominations

WLALA is seeking candidate recommendations for Daily Journal’s Top 20 Under 40 and Five Associates to Watch.*  Recommendations for the Top 20 Under 40, and Five Associates to Watch are due to WLALA on November 9, 2011.  Please send in substantive recommendations, and not just names.  Please note whether you are submitting for the Top 20 Under 40 or Five Associates to Watch list.  Criteria for the honors are below:
To qualify for this list, the nominee must be a lawyer licensed and based in California who does not turn 40 years old before Jan. 1, 2012. The nominee cannot appear on this list more than once. Associates will not be considered for the 20 Under 40 list.  (The Daily Journal also accepts nominations for lawyers from public agencies, corporations and nonprofits.)
There will be a separate list of Five Associates to Watch.  Being on the associate list will not preclude the lawyer for being on a future 20 Under 40 list.
A photo is appreciated but not required.
This list seeks to honor rising stars in California’s legal industry.  However, the matters the nominee works on can take place anywhere in the world.  The Daily Journal is looking for impact.  Did litigation the nominee worked on change a law or the way a particular issue is handled?  Did a transaction the nominee completed reshape an industry or point up a new way for handling an old problem?  Did this matter involve an issue of national importance or generate widespread public interest?
Required Information:
Lawyer’s name:
Location of lawyer:
Practice type:
Practice specialty:
Law school and graduation date:
Birth date:
California Bar number:
In 500 words or less, give an overview of why this lawyer is an emerging legal leader.  Please avoid trite and meaningless words and phrases like “go to lawyer.”  Explain simply what work the lawyer is doing and how it is having an impact.
List any matters or issues this lawyer worked on that demonstrate his or her status as a legal leader. Information on recent matters is best, however, The Daily Journal will consider older matters that you believe demonstrate the nominee’s skills and influence.  If he or she was not the lead lawyer on a matter, explain why. There is no word limit for this section, but be brief and succinct.
*WLALA has no role in selecting the recipients for the Daily Journal’s Top 20 Under 40 and Five Associates to Watch.  The selection process is run solely by the Daily Journal, not WLALA.  However, WLALA will submit nominations for consideration by the Daily Journal.  If you would like WLALA to nominate you for consideration for the Daily Journal’s Top 20 Under 40 or Five Associates to Watch, please submit the information requested above by email to