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APRIL 2015 - Social Media
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Social Media 201: Aggregators

by Reg Levy

Putting the Networking back into Social Networking

When you attend a networking event in-person, the point is to meet new people and reconnect with people you already know, cementing those relationships and taking advantage of the opportunity to catch up with each other. LinkedIn Connected (“Connected”) takes that concept online by telling you about your connections’ career milestones and changes.

Connected is available as an app for both iOS and Android, sending you notifications about your connections’ new positions and anniversaries, and offering you an easy way to reach out and an excuse to start a conversation. Connected allows you to offer a simple “Congrats!” as a response to any event it notifies you of, but the savvy user will offer a more personalized greeting or take it offline (or into another medium). Learning that your law school classmate is celebrating her five-year anniversary at her current firm might be a reason to invite her to lunch to catch up, rather than just an online greeting.

Once you’ve logged into Connected, you can also set it up to send you weekly emails, if you’d prefer not to check another app. Either way, you’ll be getting regular opportunities to reach out to and interact with your LinkedIn connections.

Newsle is a news aggregator for your contacts. You can link it to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It scans your contacts and searches for news articles about them, sending regular email digests when your contacts are in the news. You can also log in to to see the current list of recent articles by or about people you’re connected to.  If it makes a mistake, listing an article about someone with the same name as a person you’re connected to, you can mark it as wrong, but it’s actually run by a pretty impressively-honed algorithm.

With Newsle, you can read articles about or by your connections, keeping you up to date on their work successes. You may not have connections who are regularly profiled in the New York Times, but Newsle scans all kinds of industry and trade publications, giving you insight into your connections’ industries as well as their careers.

Between LinkedIn Connected and Newsle, you can stay up-to-date on your friends’ and connections’ career achievements—both the ones that they update on their LinkedIn account and the ones that are more widely announced. Both aggregators offer reasons to reach out to your connections and start conversations.

Social Media 201 is an ongoing series exploring innovative uses for social media, tips, and tricks. We covered the basics of each of the major social media networks and how they can be incorporated into a lawyer’s strategy for networking and connection with clients in Social Media 101. If you missed the 101 series, check out the archives.



Reg Levy is the WLALA Website Committee Chair.  She is VP of Compliance + Policy at Minds + Machine.