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DECEMBER 2017 - Domestic Violence Seminar
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Domestic Violence Seminar Recap

The “Domestic Violence and Civil Harassment from Different Perspectives” seminar on November 15, 2017 organized by Jill Piano, Chair of the WLALA Sojourn Legal Clinic and Maria Rivas Hamar, Chair of the Family Law Section provided a spirited and informative discussion about a variety of domestic violence issues.   Commissioner Doreen B. Boxer (Commissioner of the Superior Court of LA), Minty Siu-Kootnickoff (Legal Aid Foundation Attorney), and Carol Tantau (Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, ThePeopleConcern) served as the speakers for the event. They provided invaluable information about domestic violence and civil harassment cases from different points of view: the judge, the attorney and the victim’s advocate.   Among other things, they delved into the realities and challenges of both the advocates, victims and judges in these cases, and the consequences of the restraining orders.   The materials offered by the speakers provided practical and helpful information for any practitioner. Carol Tantau, who has trained law enforcement professionals, as well as accompanying victims to court, explained the victim’s assumptions and view of the criminal court system. The attendees were able to ask provocative questions that inspired and enhanced discussion on the issues. 

In the final analysis it is the victims who must take action to protect themselves and those close to them, but they need support.  We encourage you to consider volunteering at the WLALA Sojourn Domestic violence clinic, which is every Monday from 6-7pm and requires very little time from its volunteers.  Most of the volunteers are not family law attorneys and there are always other attorneys as well as Ms. Tantau to help.  Founded in 1977, Sojourn was the second domestic violence shelter to open in California. With a full range of services designed to provide safety, stability, ongoing support and violence prevention programs, Sojourn is a client-first, community-integrated network that seeks to improve the well-being of families and stop the cycles of violence.

We wish to thank our sponsors for this event:  Robins Kaplan LLC and Manufacturer’s Bank.