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JULY 2016 - Improv
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Improv for Lawyers: How It Can Help Your Practice

By Lindsay Audette

WLALA Administrative Assistant

In recent years, the art of improvisation has begun to spread outside the walls of small independent theaters and has made its way into the corporate world.  Television shows such as Saturday Night Live and Whose Line is it Anyway? popularized the art form and put a spotlight on the skills it teaches.  It wasn’t long before those same small independent theaters were teaching improv not only to actors, but to writers, politicians, and business professionals.  The premise is simple; the basic rules of improv are extremely helpful in communication and team building.  Improv teaches us to be adaptable, support our peers, listen more intently, and be present in the moment. Rather than sitting through a lecture, businesses have found that it is way more effective for a group to be active, bond and laugh together to improve communication skills.

Improvisation training can help lawyers in a multitude of ways.  Lawyers need to be fantastic listeners, and improv teaches you to accept what your scene partner is giving you in the scene and use that knowledge to further the dialogue.  Lawyers also need to have great presentational skills, and improv teaches you how to be comfortable in your body and be able to think quickly and calmly on the spot – improvisers practice getting out of their heads and being in the moment so they are able to respond in any situation thrown at them.  Lawyers should be able to collaborate with their colleagues and clients in a positive way, and improv teaches you how to accept an offering from someone else while adding your own brilliant idea to it at the same time!  The list goes on!

In our specialized Improv for Lawyers workshop, we lead several different activities that highlight all of these areas mentioned above and more.  We will also focus on some diagnostic public speaking exercises to identify your strengths, while finding some areas to improve upon.  We keep the environment fun and light-hearted with one major rule – there are no mistakes, only opportunities!  We want everyone to leave feeling more confident in themselves and their skills as a communicator.

Please join us:

Improv for Lawyers

August 2, 2016

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.



634 S. Spring Street

First Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90014


To register, please CLICK HERE.


If you or someone you know may be interested in an improvisation workshop, we can help!  AdLibLA offers a wide variety of communication and team building workshops for any business or organization!  For more information on our program and what we have to offer, please visit us at