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MARCH 2014 - Caregiving Article
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WLALA Hosts Event on Caregiving for the Elderly

By Julie Pollock, UCLA Fellow  

On February 3, 2014, WLALA hosted an event called, Caregiving for the Elderly: Practical Advice for the Sandwich Generation. Being a member of the "sandwich generation” and balancing a career while caring for children and an aging family member or friend can be difficult and challenging.  It is no surprise that the burden of being a caregiver for children and seniors still falls disproportionately on women. 

WLALA board member Judge Sandra R. Klein and UCLA Fellow Julie Pollock organized the event, in conjunction with board and executive committee member Kim Arnal, board member and past president Tanya Forsheit, and WLALA member Sabina Jacobs.  The event, which was held at Public Counsel’s Los Angeles headquarters, was very well attended and received.  The panelists, Dr. Donna Benton, Director of the Family Caregiver Support Center and Assistant Professor of Gerontology at USC, and Janet Morris, Esq., Directing Attorney of the Family Caregiver Project at Bet Tzedek introduced attendees to a network of caregiver support services, while answering practical questions about housing options for seniors, benefits eligibility, and much more.  

Information about the Family Caregiver Support Center, which "places a high priority on providing support across the continuum of caregiving, including diagnosis, prognosis, services that help maintain the care recipient’s independence and abilities, helping caregivers care for themselves, and manage their own well-being” is available at:  Ms. Morris’ publication entitled The Caregiver Companion, which contains useful information regarding providing at-home care is available digitally at