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MAY 16 - 7 Qs with Lisa Miller, Riggs
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7 Qs with Lisa Miller, Esq.

Featuring Natasha Riggs




WLALA recently asked Natasha Riggs seven questions.  Here are her responses:

What is your favorite technology device? Why?

Smart phones.  My career can be divided into B.C. (before smart cell phones ) and A.C. (after smart cell phones). 

What is/was your dream vacation? Why was it the best ever?

A few weeks in French Polynesia - without a smart phone.  Yet to be taken . . . 

Name the person you admire the most, and the quality that impresses you the most.

There are so many.  Living role models include Justice Sonia Sotomayer.  I admire her tenacity. 

What is your most significant accomplishment, and what impact did it have?

Passing the California State Bar Exam.  Had I not, I don't know if I would have re-taken it.

If you could “fix” one global challenge, what would it be? How would you fix it?

Homelessness among children.  That's a macro- and micro-economic problem, which boils down to funding and use of resources.    

If you could have a career different from the one you are now pursuing, what would it be? Why is this your alternate choice?

The head of a non-profit organization that addresses hunger and homelessness among children.  No children, whether in our community, our state or elsewhere, should have to go hungry or be without roofs over their heads.  

What do you hope to accomplish after you retire? Why is this meaningful to you?

If I retire, it will be a "working" retirement - more involvement in pro bono work - because the rates of private attorneys are beyond the reach of a huge swath of our population.       

Natasha M. Riggs is a partner with Santa Monica’s Lysaght Law Group, LLP.  She represents individual and corporate interests in a wide variety of complex federal and state court business litigation matters.  Although the bulk of her practice involves business disputes in federal and state courts, she frequently represents clients who are the victim of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination, or have suffered personal injury. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Northwestern University School of Law

Lisa Miller is a member of the WLALA Board of Trustees, where she works on the legal implications of domestic violence and homelessness.  Ms. Miller is a civil litigator with the Los Angeles-based Marcin Law Firm, LLP.  Ms. Miller teaches 1st Amendment / Law of Mass Communication at the University of Southern California, writes and speaks on free speech and related subjects, and consults on trials and appeals.  She is a hearing officer for numerous California agencies, municipalities, and bar association fee dispute programs.  She serves as a commissioner with the County of Los Angeles Small Business Commission.

Ms. Miller writes the “7 Qs” column for the WLALA newsletter and is always seeking interesting interview subjects.

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