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May 2017 - President's Message
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President's Message -MAY

Stacy Horth-Neubert
WLALA President 2016-2017

 WLALA Is Right Where You Belong


Many of you will be able to relate to my President's message this month.  It's a short one, because I am in up to my eyeballs in preparation for a two week arbitration later this month.  And, I have horrible sinus infection.  The two are not unrelated.  Between work, volunteer activities, and family obligations, women lawyers stretch ourselves thin, and then thinner still, and sometimes it catches up with us.  That is when you need your network.  It takes a village to be a woman lawyer.  For me, WLALA is a very big part of my village.

I had a very telling dream recently (during one of the many nights in a row I spent too little time in my bed).  I dreamed that I was at our WLALA Foundation meeting and I literally fell asleep at the table in the meeting because I was so tired.  I was totally embarrassed, but my fellow Executive Committee members just carried on like it was no big deal, empathetic that I was overstretched and crazy tired and just couldn't stay awake.  I woke up in real life really appreciating this band of sisters, who I know – even subconsciously – totally get it and will support each other even when we are not at our best.   (Yeah, I told them already -- Amy Brantly, Heather Stern, Jennifer Leland, Michelle Abidoye, Jessica Kronstadt, and Kay Burt, you are the best, always!)

This is why WLALA is Right Where You Belong.  Because we have each other's backs.  Your WLALA friends are there to cheer you on when you've reached your goal, and to pick you up (and buy you a glass of wine) when things aren't going your way.  We'll open our wallets to support your favorite program or charity, we'll open our rolodex for you when it's time for you to make your next move to your next big gig.  We'll refer you that business, and put you on the list.  I, for one, am grateful to be on this team.  It's right where I belong.