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NOVEMBER 2015 - 7 Qs with Lisa Miller
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7 Qs with Lisa Miller, Esq.

Featuring Justice Laurie Zelon




WLALA recently asked Justice Laurie Zelon seven questions.  Here are her responses:


What is your favorite technology device?  Why?

My iPhone.  I have everything I need, everywhere I go, including pictures of my family when I am too lost in work. It lets me be in touch, and work, even when I am not behind my desk.


What is/was your dream vacation? Why is it the best ever?    

My dream vacation is always the next hike I am going to take.  Right now, it is a walk from sea-to-sea across England.  These hikes challenge me, refresh me, and give me uninterrupted time with my husband (technology not included).

Name the person you admire the most, and the quality that impresses you the most.

I cannot name one single hero.  The people I admire are those who consistently follow their principles in search of a way to make real the ideals they hold.

What is your most significant accomplishment, and what impact did it have?

Outside of the honor I have been given (to perform as a bench officer), my most significant accomplishment is my work as part of the committee that designed the California Commission on Access to Justice (and then my service as chair of the Commission).  


The work effected meaningful change for California residents.  And it continues to be a national leader in developing programs (and identifying important trends) that make the promise of justice a reality. 


That Commission helped California advance the cause of access to justice. 

If you could “fix” one global challenge, what would it be? How would you fix it?

The biggest fix would be leveling the field of opportunity.  It would allow everyone to find their path to fulfill their ability.  I only wish I knew how.


If you could have a career different from the one you are now pursuing, what would it be? Why is this your alternate choice?

I would be a poet.  Creative expression brings joy to the writer, and, at its best, to the reader.

What do you hope to accomplish after you retire? Why is this meaningful to you?

I have not been able to answer that question yet.  Until I do, I think I will just not retire.  I am so privileged to do the work I do now, and hope to continue that work for many years to come.

Justice Laurie Zelon has served as an associate justice of the California Court of Appeal since 2003.  Justice Zelon has been a long-time member of, and served as chair of, the California Commission on Access to Justice.  She is an active member of several statewide judicial committees addressing administration of justice issues.  Justice Zelon has published numerous articles and often speaks at educational programs for judges and lawyers concerning pro bono, public service, legal ethics, and legal education.


Lisa Miller is a member of the WLALA Board of Trustees, where she works on the legal implications of domestic violence and homelessness.  Ms. Miller is a civil litigator with the Los Angeles-based Marcin Law Firm, LLP.  Ms. Miller teaches 1st Amendment / Law of Mass Communication at the University of Southern California, writes and speaks on free speech and related subjects, and consults on trials and appeals.  She is a hearing officer for numerous California agencies, municipalities, and bar association fee dispute programs.  She serves as a commissioner with the County of Los Angeles Small Business Commission.

Ms. Miller writes the “7 Qs” column for the WLALA newsletter and is always seeking interesting interview subjects.

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