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NOVEMBER 2015 - President's Message
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President's Message - NOVEMBER

Kimberly Arnal
WLALA President 2015-2016

Recently I decided to check in on a friend who also happens to be an attorney.  She has been working late nights and weekends for the past several months.  She routinely leaves the office well after the parking garage is empty only to arrive back at the office shortly after the sun rises.  Not surprisingly the conversation turned to why she works so hard and the importance of feeling valued and connected – personally and professionally.  When you feel appreciated, you work harder and enjoy what you do more.  I think it’s fair to say that everyone needs to feel valued, respected.  Conversely, when you feel unappreciated or devalued, you are angry, emotionally and physically drained.

How we feelwhether or not we feel acknowledged and appreciatedinfluences our behavior, consumes our energy or energizes us and affects our decisions.  According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), feeling valued is a key indicator of job performance.[1]  Employees who feel valued are more likely to be engaged in their work and feel satisfied and motivated.  Likewise, career advice articles and books[2] routinely discuss the importance of feeling connected to other people and building work relationships.  These relationships – touchpoints – help bring us perspective.  They are sources of encouragement, ideas, help and support.  They are what makes us feel valued in our profession.

Knowing this, I have been thinking about the importance of taking time to create and nurture relationships; of being mindful of the need to encourage and support those around me; and the importance of not relegating these relationships and gestures of support to those moments when I find a free minute.  These relationships are important.  I get at least as much out of them as I put in; I leave every program, meeting, dinner, coffee and conversation with more energy than I had when I arrived.

This month WLALA has several programs and events to help our members connect with each other, build relationships, provide support and help energize participants.  Please join us on November 10th for one of two Career Mentoring Dinners; on November 11th for The Sharing Economy and Its Impact on Women; November 12th for a Networking Night Out at Scarpetta Los Angeles; on November 17th for Rainmaker Roundtable; and on November 19th for an evening of shopping, Prosecco and hors d’oeurves at L.K. Bennett.

[1] American Psychological Association, Workplace Survey, March 2012.

[2] Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston, How Remarkable Women Lead (2009)