President's Message

Mary McKelvey

WLALA President 2021-2022

I could not be more delighted to pass the torch to Janet Hong, a courageous warrior who brings fresh vision and ideals to our beloved organization.

Mary McKelvey, WLALA President Tweet

Passing the Torch

President’s Message, August 2022

Thank you WLALA for allowing me to serve as President this year. The experience has been rich and rewarding and has allowed me to grow as a leader, lawyer, decision maker and woman.

WLALA has immense power as an organization and the responsibility is shared by all of us to continue to evolve it to its potential. WLALA has great capacity to nurture and develop women leaders and we continue to embrace that objective more consciously going forward.

I have learned that leadership is about having a vision and inspiring others to help create it—and that this is not always easy. The goal during my tenure was to move the needle a bit in the direction of change for greater good. I have done what I can, have learned much from my mistakes, and relinquish my role as President a wiser woman for the experience.



Inner City Law Center

Inner City Law Center (ICLC) fights for housing and justice for low-income tenants, working-poor families, immigrants, people who are disabled or living with HIV/AIDS, and homeless veterans.  As the only full-time legal-services provider located on Skid Row, ICLC advocates for equitable housing policies and provides legal services to prevent and end homelessness.

The Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (WLALA) has not only served as a dedicated pro bono partner on ICLC’s housing work, but the WLALA Foundation has also sponsored WLALA fellows to work with ICLC’s Homeless Veterans Project on issues affecting women veterans, including those who have been victims of military sexual trauma, as well as with ICLC’s Preventing and Ending Homelessness Project, where they address a variety of legal issues that create barriers to stable housing.

These exceptional WLALA fellows have passionately worked alongside ICLC attorneys to reduce barriers to income and housing stability for Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable residents. 


Fiammetta Piazza’s path to being a transactional associate at Polsinelli LLP is as circuitous as it is interesting. A dual citizen of Italy and the U.S., Fiammetta was born and raised in Italy while spending extensive time in the U.S. After graduating high school, she decided not to continue on her path as a professional ballet dancer and moved to Milan where she attended Bocconi University School of Law. Upon graduating, she and her family moved to Los Angeles permanently and Fiammetta earned an LLM from UCLA and a JD from Loyola Law School. 
Fiammetta, whose name means “little flame,” has put her three law degrees to good use by bringing her unique perspective to bear for her clients.