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TOP 100 WOMEN LITIGATORS IN 2010-Patricia L. Glaser
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Patricia L. Glaser
Los Angeles
Law Firm: Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard & Shapiro
Practice Area: Business litigation
Years in Practice: 37
Law School: Rutgers School of Law

The litigation department chair at Glaser, Weil, Patricia Glaser’s name often comes up in high-stakes legal battles.  Earlier this year, she represented talk show host Conan O’Brien in his dispute with NBC Universal over moving the time slot for “The Tonight Show” to accommodate Jay Leno, whose low-rated 10 p.m. talk show was given the axe.  O’Brien quit “The Tonight Show” in January after refusing to move the program from its traditional 11:35 p.m. time slot.  Glaser and her team engaged in several weeks of intense negotiations and achieved a successful resolution of the dispute, netting O’Brien and his staff $45 million, according to media reports.  Glaser also obtained the dismissal of a breach of contract lawsuit against Gehry Design, a company owned by famed architect Frank Gehry.  The plaintiff, Circa Publishing Enterprises, had argued it was entitled to half of all the money Gehry Design got from jewelry house Tiffany & Co. for jewelry designed by the architect.  Pretrial, Glaser successfully reduced the damages by $20 million.  After a two-week trial, the judge dismissed the lawsuit with a prejudice on the eve of the closing arguments.  In the past, Glaser has represented clients as varied as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, real estate broker Blake Mirkin and investment funds under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Pretrial Ritual: “I drive the same way down to court every day going to trial.  I wear the same earrings each day.  I eat at the same location each day.”

Biggest Career Break: Glaser declined to specify one career break in particular.  Instead, she used a sports analogy: “The career break is people willing to give me the ball with the last two minutes in the game,” which she called “a blessing.”