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TOP 100 WOMEN LITIGATORS IN 2010-Carole E. Handler
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Carole E. Handler
Bevery Hills
Law Firm: Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon
Practice Area: Intellectual property and antitrust
Years in Practice: 35
Law School: University of Pennsylvania Law School

Litigating liability over unwanted emails or liability over alphanumeric vanity phone numbers that incorporate a registered mark and advising movie studios on new media IP and antitrust issues are just a day’s work for Carole Handler. She has long been a go-to lawyer in Los Angeles’ entertainment community for matters at the intersection of IP and antitrust, such as net neutrality, and copyright of fi ctional characters, especially in emerging media uses. She is currently representing a service provider in a spam case. She is also lead defense counsel in trademark litigation on the East Coast over vanity phone numbers.  In addition to her litigation, she continues to train young legal minds at USC’s Gould School of Law in the newly re-energized antitrust field and with a popular course on superheroes in old and new media.

Pretrial Ritual: “Ten minutes of yoga stretches, nothing like it. Making sure that pictures of my daughters are within touching distance, they bring me luck. Reading absolutely every case on the key issues myself and imagining every answer to a cross or direct. And responding.  Over preparation perhaps, but it works. And wearing a stone I bought in Brazil throughout (superstition perhaps but it too works). No sleep!”

Biggest Career Break: “Being asked casually to write a memo for a major studio about obtaining the rights to Spider-Man, which surfaced two years later and ultimately led to my successfully doing so as the company emerged from bankruptcy