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Request for Evaluation for Elective Office
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By clicking the submit button you are specifically authorizing the Appointive Office Committee to contact the references you have provided and any others who may have information concerning this application and to verify the information contained herein; that you have read and understand the definitions of the ratings (to review the ratings, please go to of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (WLALA); you agree that the rating given by WLALA shall not constitute the basis for any claim or suit for defamation, libel or slander and that by consenting to the evaluation process of WLALA you agree to waive any such claims and the right to pursue any such claims in any court proceeding; and you are aware that by clicking the submit button you will not be permitted to withdraw your Request once a completed Request has been received by WLALA and that WLALA will rate the Applicant based upon the information contained in the Request and based upon any references or evaluations received by WLALA. I am aware that WLALA reserves the right not to issue an evaluation if the required number of thirty (30) evaluations, including five (5) from opposing counsel, if applicable to the employment of the Applicant, are not received by WLALA, and/or if I do not participate in the required interview before the Committee.