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October 2015 - 7 Qs with Lisa Miller
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7 Qs with Lisa Miller, Esq.

Featuring Nina Marino




WLALA recently asked Nina Marino seven questions.  Here are her responses:


What is your favorite technology device?  Why?

At the risk of being boring ... my iPhone!


What is/was your dream vacation? Why is it the best ever?    

When my kids were around ages seven and eight, my husband and I took them to Ischia, a small island off the southern coast of Italy. We spent two glorious weeks there. Aside from the beauty of the island and the fabulous food, we spent time with a couple and their two kids who we had met on our honeymoon in Tahiti. 

          After so many years, it was amazing to see our kids interact so well, especially since our kids spoke no Italian and their kids spoke no English. On top of that, we stayed in a hotel my dad has stayed in every year for the past 20 years – it felt like home. I think because of the length of the trip and the familiarity of the people, this was my most memorable trip.

          But if I can dream ... I would spend a month in an apartment with my family on the coast or on an island in southern Italy, I would gaze at the Mediterranean all day, and pretend to be a local.

Name the person you admire the most, and the quality that impresses you the most.

The person I admire most is my husband (and he is also my law partner!).  He is logical, thoughtful, steady, intelligent, loyal, and has a big heart.  

Best of all, he loves me and has always been there to make me better.

What is your most significant accomplishment, and what impact did it have?

A popular saying in the legal profession is, “you’re only as good as your last win.” I am a criminal defense attorney. My most significant accomplishment is always the last time I save a life.

Because of the nature of my practice, every time I can be that life preserver to someone in the foreign waters of the criminal justice system; every time I get someone out of custody and keep them out; every time I get a filing rejected or declined; and every time I win a hearing or a jury trial - that is my most significant accomplishment, that is where I make an impact: On one life at a time.

If you could “fix” one global challenge, what would it be? How would you fix it?

What bothers me the most is world hunger, homelessness, and the deplorable public education system, especially as it is offered to the poor.  I have no idea how to fix these problems, but I have decided to expand my volunteer work and take a seat on a board whose mission is to provide college education opportunities to inner-city kids.  

I figure, one kid at a time.


If you could have a career different from the one you are now pursuing, what would it be? Why is this your alternate choice?

I sometimes think I would enjoy being an interior designer, then I think, “Wouldn’t I get bored...?”


What do you hope to accomplish after you retire? Why is this meaningful to you?

I am never going to retire because I love what I do! And I have two children to put through college!

Nina Marino is a partner at KAPLAN MARINO.  She is co-chair of the Criminal Justice Section of the WLALA Board of Governors.

Lisa Miller is Of Counsel with the California and Nevada-based law firm Marcin Lambirth, LLP, focused on business litigation (including digital, hacking, and electronic espionage matters), civil rights/excessive force complaints, and high-end personal injury. For more information about Ms. Miller or this column, please email Editor@